Information on changing the company name

For last 8 years, ENTICODE Sp. z o.o. have been a trusted and innovative partner for all our customers in all aspects of SAP implementation projects all around the globe. Since 2019 we started strategic cooperation with ECC Technology, SAP consulting company providing comprehensive support in the areas of activities covering a broad spectrum of solutions in SAP portfolio.

To reflect our strategic partnership with ECC Technology, we have changed our company name from ENTICODE Sp. z o.o. to ECC Technology Sp. z o.o. by merging with ECC Technology Sp. z o.o.

For this reason, acting on behalf of the Company ECC Technology Sp. z o.o. in view of the consolidation activity with ENTICODE Sp. z o.o. we hereby inform that due to this consolidation all partners and customers will be transferred to one Company.

All general terms and conditions and concluded contracts remain valid and unchanged. The address known to you remains unaffected by the change of name, only the company name has changed.

Starting from May 2022 the company name in all business correspondence will change to mentioned above.

We would like to thank you once more for the trust you have placed in our company and look forward to further cooperation.